Mediteema Oy
Hemmingintie 159,
FI-37530 Lempäälä, Finland
Tel: +358-400-56 8881
Fax: +358-3-3747745
Email: mediteema(at)

Ritva Ylitalo-Heikkala
Tel: +358-400-56 8881
Email: ritva.ylitalo-heikkala(at)

Medical expertise and support for pharmacovigilance

We can assist our client in various tasks related to drug safety, e.g.:

         - Medical review of adverse events
         - Regular literature search for safety information
         - Risk/benefit evaluations
         - Signal detection
         - Risk Management Plans (RMPs)
         - Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)
         - Summary tabulations of ADRs
         - Addendums to Clinical Overviews
         - Drug safety guidance and training
         - MedDRA terms and coding