Mediteema Oy
Hemmingintie 159,
FI-37530 Lempäälä, Finland
Tel: +358-400-56 8881
Fax: +358-3-3747745
Email: mediteema(at)

Ritva Ylitalo-Heikkala
Tel: +358-400-56 8881
Email: ritva.ylitalo-heikkala(at)

Training and consultation
We can help our client in various medical, clinical and non-clinical questions.
We offer individually tailored lectures and educational training programs whether they are related to:
      -  clinical or non-clinical issues
      -  pharmacology
      -  pharmacovigilance (drug safety)
      - Good Pharmacovigilance Practise (GVP)
      - Good Clinical Practise (GCP)
      - medical ethics, etc.